Lowline Cattle - Edam, Saskatchewan
In the heart of Saskatchewan's Northern cattle country
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We are located in the heart of Saskatchewan Canada's Northern cattle country. We live on land ideally suited to grazing cattle and have had commercial beef cattle for years. Lee also is a commercial beekeeper running from 300-400 hives of bees. Cathy is a veterinary pathologist. Melissa and James are active in winter sports and very excited about showing their cattle.

HoneyBrook Lowline Cattle
Edam, Saskatchewan

Your Source for Lowline Cattle in Canada

Fullblood Lowline cattle and Percentage Lowline cattle available to suit your needs.

Grassfed and either grain or grass finished beef available. Our cattle are naturally raised and free range. Finished on pasture and then hay, greenfeed and grain. Can finish with no grain on request. Beef available as 1/4 through whole beef. A half beef lowline steer will have a hanging weight of 180-250lbs. No hormones.